Why Enter into Story

Stories give a distinct flavour and colour to our lives, always reminding us of a certain goal, viewpoint or fight. They offer us perspective, exhilarating heights and zapping lows. They can, with time, and when entered in the right spirit, prime our emotional and spiritual selves, filling us with purpose and enthusiasm.

They often call out to us to treat our fellow beings right, an attempt of various authors to right the wrongs of history. For after all, as is said – the pen is mightier than the sword.

Our’s may be a wonderful world, but there is also dissonance in the Great Music, making this, what some may call a flawed creation, but then, along comes this spiritual giant and says “perfection has to be worked out“.

What that means is, we do not yet know how the story will end… But if we consecrate our daily action with a higher aspiration and blend our daily thoughts with the visions of countless men and women of near divine stature, we can build a world of abundance.

All it needs is an accepted invitation into the story of humanity, and oh, what a painful past she’s had and what pains she goes through everyday.


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