Up to now, for some is the path of WORKS, labouring and creating with hands and the sweat of their brow. For others was the path of LEARNING, and of sharing that knowledge. Still others saw The Divine in everything and theirs was the path of DEVOTION and adoration.

These have been called, in the yogic inspired tradition as Karma, Gnana and Bhakti. An Ashram, or place where sanctified works are carried out, instils a holistic or comprehensive approach to these 3 conventional paths of Yoga.

Here, a full twenty years into the 21st Century, mankind is strongly being called upon to begin a renaissance that would prepare him for the inner work that is to become his Divine Transformation.

This urge, felt by many, has long been prepared by Mother Nature and the Sanctioner of Works or the Divine Witness.

We now have only to step into the light, heal from past hurts and collectively take a step forward. As they say, if you want to walk far, then walk together.

There is a cosmic vibration and emanation that we ALL FEEL and resonate with deeply.

Already abuzz and alive with thoughts of world peace, goodwill and of spreading our inner joy (ananda) or Amirth [Amritham], we have constantly, through all our fallacies and mistakes, carried the Flame Imperishable through our trials and are finally reaping their rewards.

For some time, the Mother’s Dream has been understood by the few, and an undertaking begun.

We have now but to dare once again to live that dream and WALK that path. Here, enters again, the thought of the Spiritual Collective or Deva Sangha.

We leave you with the thought – Jagat Kula ki Prem – “All Love to the World Family”

written a few years ago at sriaurobindodhama


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