Berserker Fury

Long ago, a friend implored me to work fast for Humanity had the Earth in a stranglehold and that she was dying. Now the questions is, will I embrace the future I’ve lackadaisically dreamed of, or go back to pounding the keyboard for a living or continue the spell of inaction that has me languishing.

I always thought that getting into gear was like a Viking Berserker going into war with the utmost fury. A pacifist at heart, I didn’t mean to use the war terminology, but something serious has to happen and the common [hu]man take responsibility for the goings on in this world before we can effect peace.

In my own journey that began when I wrote tripping in 2005 when I was in college, I have tried in my own small way to help tip the scales. After 19 years, the problem statement is becoming clear. How do we use technology, teamwork and our powers of persuasion (written and spoken) to tip the scales and Raise Humanity to a higher high.

Over the years, I have corresponded with, encouraged and done content and websites for a few friends and forward thinking organizations. I haven’t been too successful in overcoming my limitations, but I never lost heart, plugging away in my silo.

Programming taught me how to build information systems and a colleague shared his notes on problem decomposition which I’m delving into as continues denying the naysayers and preparing for another decade of trying.


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